A very very strong message

Transcripted message by Marius-Christian Burcea (Symbolico).

I have a very very strong message, its a reminder for everyone, including me.

There is a kid within us, hes life is a dream, everything is possible,
the kid is open to descide how we want to percieve hes reality, he’s flexible.

So every time we feel the openess and the flexibility, for how we want to live our life, this is our kid within us.

And if I could say anything than I would say, this is really important!

Live for that kid, listen to this kid, because this kid believes in Magic.

This kid is magic!

He is the door within us to a magical place and maby, dont get attached to the word magic, it doesnt have to be this word, the meaning is what counts.
So if you can, listen to this kid, and know him, that everything is possible and there is absolutely no point of anything in life – besides realizing the kids dreams.

So if you listen to your kid within you, it will lead you, to your dreams. And there is no point of living life, without realizing our dreams.

Realize your dreams, because if your life doesnt go to the direction that you want it to go, there is noone to blame.
Noone is doing anything to anyone, it’s only us, each one with his own perception.

So be flexible and love this kid within you, let him be expressed by realizing our dreams, exactly the way we want it.
Not similarely, without compromising, excactly!

And I promise you, and I promise to myself that nothing can stop this process, because there is no other point for life besides realizing yourself.

This is my message!

Interview with Marius-Christian Burcea

If you want to skip to the message you need to wind to 33 minutes or so.

The Alchemy of the divine purpose, the very very strong message is located 33 minutes in.

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Again, don’t forget

  • There is a kid within us that reminds us to stay open and flexible in order to achieve our dreams.
  • This kid is magical and reminds us that everything is possible if we believe it to be so.
  • We must listen to this kid within ourselves in order live the life we want without compromising our dreams.